International Boat Show congratulates everyone on the 63rd anniversary of the event. In honour of numerous requests, due to the growing interest in water sports and the cancellation of the previous show due to COVID, it is about to launch its first virtual show.

The 2021 Show, which will run in real-time from January 18-24, will feature thousands of new products. Boats, accessories and various services will be available to consumers on the Internet for exclusive offers at the Boat Show. The Toronto Boat Show attendees will be streaming events live and presenting their products exclusively online. 

The 2021 event in Ontario runs from February 12-15 but is slightly different to the extent of the COVID situation. The show will be Virtual, but this will not prevent people from communicating Live, leaving comments and making deals. The seminars will be available to everyone who has such social networks as Facebook or Instagram. Meetings are open online for those who didn’t get to see it Live.

Don’t miss out, join inflatable boat dealers at the Virtual Toronto Boat Show and make your summer boating real!

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